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Let us know ANONYMOUSLY when you know of anything that threatens the safety of our school.

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Veterans Day
Posted on 11/12/2015
On the morning of Tuesday, November 10 many students along with local veterans and guests filled the JCHS gymnasium for the purpose of celebrating Veterans' Day.  READ MORE...
Common Core
New Illinois Learning Standards Incorporating the Common Core
Posted on 10/20/2015
Resources for the New Illinois Learning Standards Incorporating the Common Core  READ MORE...
Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan for District 100
Posted on 11/29/2014
Strategic Plan  
Welcome to Jersey Community Unit School District No. 100

Hello Jersey Community Unit School District No. 100 Family!
It's NOVEMBER, a time to give thanks...

Dear Jersey 100 Families,

I hope this communication finds you doing well. Its purpose is to inform you of what is happening in our schools and communicate the amazing strides the Jersey 100 Family, all-encompassing of students, staff, parents, and community, are making to support invaluable learning opportunities: learning and growing in a digital one to one environment, exploring our next steps EARLY by promoting college and career choices, building a climate of professionalism, pride, pep, promotion, positivity, and patriotism!

Working together, OUR family grows stronger and better! 

Promoting Family Involvement

We are working very diligently to promote YOU – our families – in our schools by hosting family-centered events that provide opportunities for all of us to work together, collaboratively.  Family orientations, room parties, parent/teacher conferences, family reading night, technology time, and other events will occur this year that are intended to get you – OUR FAMILIES – involved in OUR SCHOOLS and YOUR student's education!

Illustrating Panthers Have Heart

Last year was a tough year. We lost many precious loved ones. This year is a tough year as well.   OUR own Lil' Jonny has experienced so many tough challenges. He’s become OUR hero in so many ways. His sweet disposition and love for others are inspiring. OUR own Cliff Kaminsky is OUR hero, too. He has fought the battle of cancer with such strength and hope.  Such a caring man, he is selfless, thinking of others before himself. Other situations with students, staff, families, and community have challenged or continue to challenge us, but WE do not waiver. We continue to support OUR own, every day in every way! This community continues to give, give, give…showing HEART in so many ways. For that, WE are so thankful!

Publicizing Just Be Jersey – Every Day in Every Way!

Along with Panthers have HEART are those JUST BE JERSEY moments! They continue to be my favorite stories to tell. Ask any elementary student what JUST BE JERSEY is and he/she will say:"Doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason!" They get it! 

We have TOO many JBJ stories to tell, but here are a few of our themes:

  • OUR students in BLUE CREW have done an amazing job this year enhancing the BLEED BLUE school spirit. Your support of your peers continues to inspire! Thank YOU for that!
  • OUR community – coming together to love on, pray for, and give praise to OUR own little hero, Jonny Wade –who is fighting a very difficult battle. We LOVE you, Jonny, and are so thankful we go and grow in such a caring, compassionate, loving community!
  • OUR community citizens, led by Mrs. Shari Bridgewater, has organized a Home Tour and Chocolate Gala to support OUR fine arts programs in honor of beloved and respected friends of OUR community who continue fighting their own battles with cancer, Mr. Cliiff Kaminsky and Mrs. Julie Alexander!  We LOVE YOU, Cliff and Julie.
  • OUR greenlightavet and Christmas Card Campaign have been amazing successes thanks to YOU - OUR community.  The green bulbs were nearly sold out at Walmart – and the cards are coming in! Thank you, Jersey County, for supporting our veterans!
  • OUR Wounded Warrior run at Illini to honor those veterans who were wounded why serving OUR country takes place on Monday, November 9. Our Veterans’ Day programs are happening on November 10 at JCHS (with Illini participating), and at East, Grafton, and West. OUR students and staff do a tremendous job honoring those who served. We thank OUR veterans for their service to OUR country!
  • OUR Cruiseaders Foundation event - The Splash Dash— organized by Mrs. Amber Blackorby (with the help of friends, too)—provide so many resources for all OUR students who receive special education services. We are grateful, indeed!
  • OUR PAINT THE TOWN BLUE and BLUE CREW projects initiated by OUR own Miss Erica Smith and supported heavily by OUR community to promote school spirit are incredible. Thank you to ALL businesses who participate!
  • OUR Panther Athletic Club (PAC) is OUR parent organization that is stronger than ever and making such positive contributions to OUR athletic and activity programs!  So appreciative of your efforts to BUILD the BLEED BLUE spirit!
  • OUR local paper, the Jersey County Journal with Mr. Bob Crossen at the helm is spreading the JUST BE JERSEY spirit by featuring those wonderful JBJ stories that illustrate the HEART of this community. If you notice someone or a group doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason – even when he/she/they think(s) no one is looking, please spread the word. Contact the journal or Jersey 100. WE want to know so we can share, too!

Sharing the New Illinois Learning Standards

The New Illinois Learning Standards, otherwise known as the Common Core, feature grade level skills that we help students master at the conclusion of their respective grades. Confusion between standards and “common core” resources or curriculum exists. The following fact sheet outlines information pertaining to integration of these standards into the curriculum. Please check them out at (p. 11).  Also, the Next Generation Science Standards bring us the New Illinois Science Assessment in the spring of 2016. More information to come.

Helpful Sites for Families:

  • Parent’s Backpack Guide to The New Illinois Learning Standards:

    Understanding PARCC

    The newly created PARCC assessment is far from perfect; however, it DOES take time to create an assessment with reasoning- and skill-based questions that measure what students know and are able to do. Getting it RIGHT takes time.  

    Helpful Sites for Families:


    Answering the Question, “Why Standards Based Report Cards”

    Jersey 100 is committed to providing the best education for students and ensuring that families understand how their students are progressing.  Standards-based report cards actually provide families with specific academic information that outlines student’s competencies, specifically documenting student’s performance in the following ways:   

    • Meets National Core Standard: Student consistently understands and applies key concepts, processes, and skills for second grade standards.
    • Progressing toward National Core Standard: Student is working to understand and apply key concepts, processes, and skills for second grade standards.
    • With Assistance: Student requires extra support in understanding key concepts, processes, and skills for second grade standards.
    • Area of Concern: Student does not understand and/or apply key concepts, processes, and skills for second grade standards.
    • Not Assessed: Student is not assessed in area of key concepts or skills for this grading period.

    Helpful Site for Families:


    Showing Gratitude

    Giving thanks to those who do for others makes the world a better place. Jersey understands this concept and promotes it AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN!  We thank YOU for YOUR support in all we do to educate students, preparing them for their next step in education and life! Please check out OUR gratitude site, giving thanks to local businesses and people who help to make a positive difference in OUR community!

    Helpful Site for Families


We are so grateful to all of our students, staff, families, and community for making our schools ROCK!


Lori Hopkins, Superintendent

#justbejersey #panthershaveheart #bleedblue #gopanthers

Posting information, Updates, Resources, and Happenings can be found on the district website (, Jersey CUSD 100 Facebook Page, or the JerseyCUSDNo100 Twitter Account. We would love for you to follow US.