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Merry Christmas and Happy Forthcoming 2015
Posted on 12/17/2014
Christmas Break Information 
Hour of Code
Posted on 12/08/2014
This year Khan Academy is doing even more to create meaningful hours of codes for all learners (and, as always with KA, for free)!  READ MORE...
Poor Weather Conditions
Posted on 11/29/2014
Information on poor weather conditions 
Standards-Based Reporting
Standards Based Reporting
Posted on 11/29/2014
Standards-Based Reporting  
Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan for District 100
Posted on 11/29/2014
Strategic Plan  
Veteran's Day Thank You
Posted on 11/11/2014
On the morning of Monday, November 10 many students along with local veterans and guests...  READ MORE...
Jersey County Time Capsule Ceremony
Posted on 11/10/2014
Jersey County Time Capsule Ceremony video... 
Jersey 100 Comparison
Posted on 04/14/2014
Jersey 100 Comparison highlighting the work of our students, parents, teachers, administrators and School Boards...  READ MORE...
Welcome to Jersey Community Unit School District No. 100

Jersey Community Unit School District No. 100
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Hello Jersey 100 Families...

I can't believe how quickly time has flown. It's already October! Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, will be here before we know it. In the meantime, what follows are exciting news and important information about Jersey 100. 

Jersey 100 is comprised of five schools filled with wonderful, caring students who work hard each and every day. We are grateful that we have the awesome responsibility of educating students and thank you, parents, for having faith in us. As I visit each building, I am amazed by what our students are doing and the critical thinking skills they are developing. Evaluating information, analyzing data, asking questions, listening attentively, and speaking responsibly and professionally are just some of the learning outcomes I have observed - and at every level. Our students are growing in every way. I am proud of them!

Those Who Excel
On Saturday, October 26, 2014, many of our very own traveled to Bloomington, Illinois where they received a Those Who Excel award for their exemplary service and work in their respective fields.

Congratulations to the following members of the Jersey 100 Family! We are so very proud of you!

  • Miss Erica Smith, Teacher
  • Mrs. Jane Miles, Student Support Personnel
  • Mr. Nate Blasa, Educational Support Personnel
  • Mrs. Martha Harpstrite, Community Volunteer
  • Mrs. Niki Egelhoff, Early Career Educator
  • Mrs. Michelle Bidlack, Mrs. Barb Kirbach, Mrs. Julie Duggan, and Mrs. Nikki Cummings, team – Birth to Three Program

Pre-School for All
The PRESCHOOL FOR ALL programs at Grafton and West Elementary Schools have achieved the GOLD CIRCLE of QUALITY.  During monitoring visits assessors collected evidence using the Early Childhood Environmental rating Scale Revised and the ISBE Compliance Checklist. Jersey 100 received the HIGHEST rating. This is quite an accomplishment. Congratulations to our entire staff who serve the Pre-School for All program. We are proud of you!

The Budget Hearing was held on Thursday, September 18, 2014.  An overview of various aspects of the district was presented along with estimated revenues and expenditures by fund for the 2015 fiscal year. The 2.7 million deficit in spending was greatly reduced by cutting 1.4 million dollars, which came from reduction in force and program cuts.  Time was allowed for questions and discussion. The 2015 Budget is posted on the Jersey 100 website under public information. More information is forthcoming about the budget and current state funding. 

New Mandates
All public schools in the state of Illinois began the year with an additional 24 mandates for which to plan. Unfortunately, no funds were appropriated. I continue to be impressed with what the staff does to educate and care for our children. Please know how much I appreciate the entire Jersey 100 family for their commitment and dedication to students. Although more is being asked of them, they continue to serve ALL students selflessly.

CSFST (County School Facility Sales Tax)
On October 16, 2014, the Board of Education passed a resolution to allocate 45% of revenue from County School Facility Sales Tax to debt should the voters approve it, which would be approximately $500,000 applied to debt based on current data. 

Senate Bill 16
Senate Bill 16 (SB16) is a bill designed to more fairly distribute state education dollars. This bill is getting increased attention and discussion as it moves forward.  Sponsored by Sen. Andy Manar, SB16 proposes a new integrated school funding formula that will ensure state funding more closely follows student need (what state dollars are supposed to do).  The bill passed the Senate with bipartisan support in May, but there will likely be amendments made before it comes for a final vote.  Because Jersey Community Unit School District No. 100 is one of those areas that is most harmed under the current formula, SB16 represents a needed and overdue, change. Please get informed. The district will be researching this legislation and a recommendation for a resolution in support of the legislation will be forthcoming.

Class of 1964 Reunion
I met with members of the Jersey Community High School Class of 1964 in August. I gave a tour to some who had never seen the "new" high school, as the high school they attended was constructed in 1918. Interestingly, many stories were shared with me – from the condition of the building “back in the day” to the senior class “walk out” after being informed that they were unable to participate in an overnight field trip. I really enjoyed my visit with them.

What was extremely promising were the reactions of these former students who are now grandparents of high school students from all over the United States. They couldn't say enough about the opportunities with which Jersey 100 students are provided.  Impressed with the Help Desk process and the fact that it is staffed by students who have successfully completed a technology maintenance class, the group provided insights into their own education and how times have changed. We discussed facilities, the Common Core, the development of critical thinking skills, state testing, student assessment, non-core courses, and skills that are enhanced by the opportunities provided at JCHS. I then proceeded to West Lake where I was given the opportunity to speak to those in attendance. While I could have spent a lot of time speaking about District 100 and the fact that it’s a great place to go and grow, I – instead - emphasized another theme: You guessed it…JUST BE JERSEY!

Project Unify
How wonderful that two of our own are being recognized. Jacob Stocks and Will Powers applied to be on the State Youth Activation Committee for Project Unify and we recently received word that they were selected to serve on the Project UNIFY Illinois Youth Activation Committee. What a positive reflection of what our kiddos are doing to promote awareness and become influential advocates of the Project Unify program. Thank you to Mrs. Heinemann and Mr. Blasa for helping to educate students about Project Unify and modeling its importance. 

Parent/Teacher Conferences
Parent/Teacher conferences were held on October 15th and 16th. We appreciate the number of families who came out to visit their student’s teacher(s). I am very thankful for our families and the support they provide the schools each day! Collaboration between home and school is one of the best ways to promote student success! Thank you, too, to all of Jersey 100 faculty, staff and administration for your unwavering commitment to ALL students. Your expertise, service, compassion, patience, and love shown to students are appreciated more than you know. 

Just Be Jersey
I will continue sharing Just Be Jersey moments with anyone who wants to hear about them. I appreciate the stories that are shared with me and look forward to hearing or reading about many more to come.   Please send your Just Be Jersey story to me at The best way to combat the negative is to increase the positive! :-)

I would like to communicate my appreciation to our sponsors and coaches who spend so much time with our students outside of the school day. While winning is important, it certainly isn't everything. Building character, promoting good 
sportsmanship and camaraderie, and understanding the importance of commitment to oneself and others are critical life-defining skills that will travel with students throughout their lifetime. These skills become attributes that will define their character. They are what is most important. 

If you have not already viewed the Praise Patrol video, please do so. It's fantastic! 

The Praise Patrol began the school year by going out and about and capturing some great footage of some great Jersey community leaders and Panther fans who go above and beyond for Jersey 100 students and staff. We are so grateful and feel so blessed to have these wonderful citizens as our community members.

Check out the Praise Patrol Video at

Pictured is the Jersey 100 PRAISE PATROL. In the front row from left to right: Mrs. Shelley Fry, Miss Erica Smith, the PANTHER, Mr. Steve Flowers, Mrs. Gwen Brunaugh; back row from left to right: Mrs. Emily DeSherlia, Mr. Dan Werts, Mr. Nathan Blasa, Miss Megan Taake, Mrs. Jamie Jones. The Awesome PRAISE PATROL Video was created and edited by Mrs. Angie Noble. 

There are various videos I enjoy viewing when life seems to get tough. The following is a lighthearted one that illustrates the importance of looking at the positive, and it's all through the eyes of a little girl. It's Jessica's Daily Affirmation. I hope you enjoy!

May you and yours be blessed in every way and the JUST BE JERSEY spirit continue to GROW!

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve you!


Dr. Lori Franke-Hopkins, Jersey 100 Superintendent