Music In Our Schools Month

Dear West Elementary/East Elementary Musicians and Families,

Did you know that March is the month to celebrate having Music in our school? What is Music In Our Schools Month? (MIOSM)  For more than 30 years, March has been officially designated by the National Association for Music Education for the observance of Music In Our Schools Month, the time of year when music education becomes the focus of schools across the nation. The purpose of MIOSM is to raise awareness of the importance of music education for all children – and to remind citizens that school is where all children should have access to music. 

Music does more than gets the toes tapping or lift spirits.  It stimulates the brain and studies show music improves all areas of academia.  Being able to read and play music benefits children and brings joy to not only the musician, but others around them with whom they share it with.

To help celebrate this special month, we will be doing many EXTRA special activities in the Music classroom, but would like to have some musical fun as a whole school by having Music Genre Days.  Thru the week of March 25th thru 29th, we will have MUSIC GENRE DAYS where students and faculty will get to dress as the schedule specifies. That genre (type) of music will be playing on the intercom as students enter their classrooms in the morning to listen to before morning announcements. 

I have also created some fun musical activities for you to do together at home.  I invite you to explore some of these musical activities together and send any pictures, songs, creations, etc. into Music class with your child to share/display.  Feel free to do as many as you would like.

  1. Start the celebration month off by having a family “dance party” to your favorite music.

  2. Can your family sing the Jersey Panther Fight Song together?  ROAR!

  3. Create a new verse to your favorite song.

  4. Make a guitar out of a shoebox and rubber bands.

  5. Calling all rock stars!  Have a family air guitar battle.

  6. Write a song about an animal and sing it to someone in your family.

  7. Make and decorate a tambourine using 2 paper plates and beans, beads, small rocks, etc.

  8. Get in touch with your music side!  Put on some music and draw what you hear.

  9. Teach a song/dance/game that you learned in music class to someone in your family.

  10. If the weather is nice, draw music notes outside with sidewalk chalk.

  11. Write a song about one of your teachers and share it with them.

  12. Create your own instrument using recycled materials.  What is your instrument called? Play it for a friend.

  13. Make a family music video.

  14. Have a family lip sync battle to your favorite song.

  15. Have each family member share their favorite song and tell what music genre (type/style) of music it is.

  16. Play “MUSIC HOT AND COLD”.  Hide an object in your home.  When the person is close to the object, sing loud (forte), but when they are away, sing soft (piano) to help them find the object.

I personally want to take this time to THANK ALL OF YOU-Students, Parents, Teachers, and Administrators for all of your enthusiasm, hard work, time, dedication, patience, and support over the past few months.  It has been an AMAZING first year of Music education for our children! Please continue to encourage and support our children as they grow in music.

Happy Music Making!

Mrs. Michelle Churchman

West Elementary/East Elementary Music Educator



ROCK STAR DAY - MONDAY, MARCH 25TH - Dress like a rock star!  Jeans, leather jacket, rock band concert shirt,...Tease it!  Spray it! Spike it! DO NOT COLOR IT! Go all rock and roll on your hair and dress today to celebrate Music In Our Schools Month!

BLUES DAY - TUESDAY, MARCH 26TH - Wear blue today to celebrate the soulful coolness of the blues music.

COUNTRY MUSIC DAY - WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27TH - Let’s go back to the early days of country music.  Blue jeans, flannel shirts, overalls, boots, and cowboy hats will make you a country superstar today!

A DAY AT THE OPERA - THURSDAY, MARCH 28TH - Dress up in your finest clothes as we celebrate the music of the opera.

CLASSICAL MUSIC DAY - FRIDAY, MARCH 29TH - Classical music is everywhere and today let’s celebrate it by wearing a classic white t-shirt.