CSM Tom Satterly

Jersey Community High School started hosting a Veteran's Day Assembly in November of 2009 under the direction and guidance of Dr. Lori Hopkins. At the time, she was one of the assistant principals and took on this endeavor to show appreciation to our Veterans, increase patriotism among our student population, and bring in the community to see our fantastic school building. Mr. Brett Beauchamp was tapped to help organize the event and prepare student speakers to lead the ceremony. In 2015 and 2016, Mr. Beauchamp passed the torch to Mr. Brad Kimble to carry on the flame of appreciation for our service men and women. Each year, several members of the high school faculty and staff work together to ensure the event's success. It would not be possible without the dedication of our custodial staff, lead by Chad Roach, Coach Stote Reeder, who organizes his basketball players to help set up the physical space and Jim Schroeder, who ensures all audio and visual components are fully operational. 
Each year, the public is invited, along with the 5th through 7th graders, to honor our Veterans. Highlights of our program include the playing and singing of "The Star Spangled Banner", "America the Beautiful", and a "Tribute to the Armed Forces" by the Jersey High School Band and Choir, the "Folding of the Flag" ceremony by members of the FFA, the recitation of the poem, "Hello, Remember Me?", and a guest speaker. This year, our guest speaker was Retired Command Sergeant Major Tom Satterly. He is a highly decorated combat veteran, who along with his teammates, was portrayed in the Oscar Winning 2001 film, Black Hawk Down. More information regarding CSM Satterly can be found on his website: www.tomsatterly.comThe Jersey Community High School administrators, faculty, staff and students will continue to honor those who willingly give up their freedoms in order to protect ours. "Thank you" to all those who have served in our armed forces.

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