Commitment to Special Education Services

Jersey CUSD No. 100 is committed to providing services to students who are eligible to receive special education services. Ensuring that all educational needs are met, special educators expand opportunities for students so they develop the skills necessary to be successful at the next grade level. An environment that is rich in resources with modified learning experiences is necessary for success, which is the overarching goal of the department. Our staff is comprised of professional educators with expert knowledge of differentiated instruction who ensure that students are provided with the best learning opportunities to expand their academic, emotional, and social growth. 

Continuum of Services

Jersey CUSD No. 100 has a continuum of services that begin with general education. A resource room allows students opportunities to exit the general education classroom to receive additional instruction in areas of deficiency. An instructional pull-out program expands learning opportunities for students who are taught content and skills in specified content areas in special education classrooms. Public and private day care facilities are made available through our Region III Cooperative Programs to students who need specialized attention. Residential programs are also necessary for some students.

For more information about special education programs in Jersey CUSD No. 100, please contact:
Mrs. Keri Lakin, Special Education Coordinator
Mrs. Nikki Baddela, Special Education Secretary