Administration & Staff

Keri Lakin, Coordinator, Early Childhood Block Grant
Preschool For All Prekindergarten Program
Parents As Teachers/Birth to Three Program
District Office (618)498-5561 

Michele Herkert, School Psychologist/PAT Supervisor 

Joanna Scott, PAT/Birth to Three Educator

Torrie Gilmore, PAT/Birth to Three Educator

Jenny Stephens, PAT/Birth to Three Educator 

West Elementary School (618) 498-4322 - Ext. #4

Mission Statement

Our Prevention Initiative Birth-to-Three Program provides children and their families an opportunity to grow in positive ways. By promoting a literacy-rich environment, fostering imagination, and providing physical and emotional support, families are better equipped to help their children reach their maximum potential. 

Birth to Three Program Description

How to Enroll

If you would like more information about our Birth to Three Program or would like to enroll, please call West Elementary at (618) 498-4322.

Please remember you and your child must reside in the Community Unit School District #100 boundaries.


Child and Family Connections
Early Intervention
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Jersey County Health Department
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JCHD website
West Central Child Care Connection
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WCCCC website
Department of Children & Family Services
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Department of Human Services
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Jerseyville Public Library
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