Preschool For All

Prekindergarten & Prevention Initiative Staff Members

Keri Lakin, Early Childhood Administrator (618) 498-5561
     Prekindergarten 3-5 & Prevention Initiative 0-3
Tanya McGuire, Pre-K & PI Family Educator
     Early Childhood PFA Department (618) 498-5561 - Ext. #5
Jamie Anderson, Pre-K Teacher / Parent Educator
Sara Eickoff, Pre-K Teacher Assistant
     Jerseyville West Elementary (618) 498-4322 
Amanda Cole, Pre-K Teacher / Parent Educator
Jane Miles, Pre-K Teacher Assistant
     Jerseyville West Elementary (618) 498-4322
Nicole Cummings, Pre-K Teacher / Parent Educator
Gena Isringhausen, Pre-K Teacher Assistant
     Grafton Elementary (618) 786-3388
Traci Garrett, Pre-K Teacher / Parent Educator
Sarah Harlan, Pre-K Teacher Assistant
     Grafton Elementary (618) 786-3388
Natalie Brady, Pre-K Teacher / Parent Educator
Sarah Harlan, Pre-K Teacher Assistant
     Grafton Elementary (618) 786-3388
Michele Herkert, Parents As Teachers (PAT) Supervisor
Joanna Scott, PI/PAT Birth-to-Three Educator
Torrie Gilmore, PI/PAT Birth-to-Three Educator
Jenny Stephens, PI/PAT Birth-to-Three Educator
     Early Childhood Birth-to-Three Dept. (618) 498-4322 - Ext. #4

About the Program

Pre-K/Prevention Initiative Handbook 2019-20

How to Enroll

For questions about our Pre-Kindergarten program or to sign up for a screening, please call West Elementary School at (618) 498-4322.

Please keep in mind that at the time of screening you will need to supply the following information:

  • Original certified birth certificate
  • Proof of residency (utility bill, driver's license, etc.)
  • Immunization records, and
  • Any information from another agency that is providing services to your child (such as speech and language services, Early Intervention Birth-to-Three services, physical therapy, etc.)

Health/Immunization Requirements for Pre-Kindergarten enrollment:

  • DPAT Immunization (4)
  • Polio Immunization (3)
  • Hib Immunization (4)
  • Hep B Immunization (3)
  • Varicella Immunization (1)
  • MMR Immunization (1)
  • Lead Screen
  • Physical Examination dated within one year


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