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JCHS Veterans Wall of Honor (a.k.a. Veterans Wall)

Jersey 100 is very proud of the service of our students, graduates and staff. We have worked to clarify and clean up a master list of the veterans listed on the Wall of Honor. We've removed obvious duplicates, clarified what information we can and developed an online Google form that will be used to enter additions, corrections or deletions. This form will walk you through the process and required necessary information. Please use this form to enter any JCHS Veterans Wall of Honor information. If you do not have access to a computer or the Internet, please contact any Jersey 100 school for assistance with completion of this online form.

Each summer, the names printed on the Veterans Wall of Honor banners will be updated based upon the information collected throughout the year. If you have any question about this process or this form, please contact JCHS at (618) 498-5521 or Thanks for your help with this process, and please encourage others to review the list and offer additions, corrections, and deletions of duplicates.

Thank you, and thank you to the JCHS Veterans that have proudly served the USA