Jersey CUSD No. 100 Mission Statement

The Board of Education and personnel of Jersey Community Unit School District No. 100 in partnership with our students, parents and community, will provide students the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential through an educational climate that fosters accountability, fiscal responsibility and excellence, while enhancing personal character.

Jersey CUSD No. 100 provides a comprehensive curriculum aligned to the New Illinois Learning Standards. The following information includes links to current curricular resources. A guide outlining curricular content and skill development for all students Pre-K - 12th grade will be published here.

The Integration of Technology into Instruction

Over the summer in 2012, the Jersey 100 family worked diligently to prepare for the conversion from traditional learning to innovative-global exploration. We are preparing OUR students for the 21st century in ways that will engage them in our community and world by giving them the opportunity to examine ideas more critically, speak with confidence and poise, and model best practices of learning by delving into content for deeper understanding. This is occurring at every level – Pre-K through the twelfth grade.  Check out why GOING DIGITAL was the right move for Jersey CUSD No. 100!

Curriculum & Instruction Strategic Planning Goals

  • Jersey CUSD No. 100 faculty, staff, students and community will promote academic achievement using 21st century engaging curricula – aligned to the new Illinois Learning Standards that build critical thinking skills.
  • Jersey CUSD No. 100 faculty, staff, students and community will create an environment that engages and challenges students so that they can succeed academically.

Approved Online Classroom Curriculum 2020-2021