Professional Development Center
Thank You to Maintenance Staff
Posted on 01/13/2015
Thank YouI would like to commend our maintenance staff – Mr. Dennis Williams, Mr. Marty Vanausdoll, Mr. Kevin Woolsey, and Mr. Larry Spears for the work they’ve completed over the Christmas break. The Jersey CUSD No. 100 Professional Development Center (formally referred to as the Board Room) has been expanded to accommodate more people. This will serve not just one or two needs but three. First, community stakeholders requested a larger room for meetings so those who want to attend have an opportunity to sit comfortably and listen. Second, it is important to celebrate the wonderful accomplishments of our staff and students. Inviting our Illinois State Scholars and their parents to a meeting to celebrate such an accomplishment is also difficult. Again – not enough room! I now feel confident that we can begin inviting students (top 5% achievers, all-conference athletes, FFA honor students, choral & band award winners, etc.) and staff (Those Who Excel winners, Teacher Voices, athletics and activities coaches/sponsors who’ve positively impacted programs, etc.) to BOE meetings so congratulatory moments can be shared with ALL stakeholders. Finally, this room can now comfortably accommodate staff members for professional development purposes. Money from the Title I budget was allocated for improving PD facilities. Having Jersey 100 skilled employees carry out the duties made this project possible.

Thank you, again!

Dr. Lori Hopkins