High School - Locker Locks
High School - Locker Locks

Beginning August 9th
, 2018


8th Grade Lockers:
All 8th graders will be assigned a locker at JCHS and may receive their locker number and combination 2 weeks prior to school by coming by the high school office and picking up the information - there is no charge for 8th graders.

9th Grade Lockers:
All 9th graders are assigned a locker and lock at the beginning of their Freshman year.  They will keep this locker and lock until they graduate at which time they can may take their lock with them.

Cost of the lock is $6.00.  Every student is assigned their own locker.  They may acquire their locker number and lock 2 weeks prior to school beginning.

For questions please call Mrs. Bridgewater at JCHS 498-5521